Nasser AL-Hamar

Enhancing Public Diplomacy Practice through a Policy-Based Framework: A Case Study of Qatar

Nasser AL-Hamar is a Senior Public Relations Manager in Qatar Media Cooperation. He is an enthusiastic and driven individual who is keen to be a leading practitioner in the field of public Diplomacy and International Relations.

Nasser holds a CIPR Diploma from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. He graduated from Leed's Metropolitan University in 2010 with a BSc in Computing With Software Engineering. He obtained his Masters degree in International Public Relations & Global Communication Management from the University of Cardiff in 2013, before embarking on his research degree at Loughborough University London in 2015. 
Nasser's research interests include: 
  • Public and International Relations
  • Politics and Public Diplomacy
  • Computer Networking Information Security
  • Social Media

PhD research description

Nasser's research aims to critique the concept and practice of PD as pursued by the state of Qatar and to propose a policy-based framework for Qatar’s PD.
The research is original since it intends to shed light on a part of the world, the Arabian Gulf, which is largely ignored in this specific subject area, which is PD in the State of Qatar. Despite its small size, Qatar plays a major political role at times controversial and inconsistent as a mediator in major issues in the region. This research will fill a gap in current literature in terms of enhancing PD practice, by providing an empirical study of Qatar’s PD.
The contribution of Nasser's research is to define an effective policy-based framework for Qatar’s government and diplomats, which might enable a coherent consideration of PD as a strategic tool of Qatar’s foreign policy especially in crisis. It will also highlight the opportunities, challenges and limitations, which face Qatar’s PD and how to address these constraints and obstacles.
He has chosen to focus on exploring two crisis faces Qatar Diplomacy which are: Nepal worker abuse and the current Qatar siege crisis. It analysis both crisis with related parties to discover how Qatar has dealt with it and whether PD has played a vital role in the crisis. Such investigation will define the adoption of PD during crisis for the aim to disempowerment of Qatar PD in the Diplomatic Framework.

PhD supervisors

Nasser is studying for his PhD within the Academy of Diplomacy and International Governance.

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