Jacqueline Mueller

Implicit Leadership theories - A phenomenographic study within a sporting context.

Jacky studied Sport Business and Innovation MSc and she is now studying for her PhD within the Institute for Sport Business.

Jacqueline Mueller joined Loughborough University London in its opening year to study MSc Sport Business and Innovation. Originally from Germany,  Jacqueline received her first degree from BiTS University of Business Leadership in Iserlohn and after a semester abroad in San Diego and an internship in Hong Kong, Jacqueline graduated with a BSc in Sport and Event Management, and was the second highest achiever in her School.  On completion of her first degree, Jacqueline decided to study a masters in the UK and chose Loughborough University London after reading about MSc Sport Business and Innovation online. From the onset of her programme, Jacqueline established herself as a fantastic frontrunner for Loughborough’s advancement into London, by becoming a Programme Representative and a Student Ambassador. 

PhD research description

Jacky's PhD focuses on Implicit Leadership theories, and aims to establish to what extent lay-theories are idiosyncratic, and whether there is a possibility of grouping such theories into meaningful categories. The purpose of Jacky's research is to introduce a new approach to understanding leadership in a sporting context and enhance leadership as well as followership training in the future. This is a new approach since ILTs have not been researched in a sporting context until now.

PhD supervisors

Awards, grants or scholarships received

Jacky received one of 5 PhD studentships to study a PhD with the Institute for Sport Business, which began in September 2016.

Papers, publications and articles

Interests and activities

Jacky has always been interested in sport management. During her Master's programme, Jacky became increasingly attracted to the study of leadership and the application of leadership practices and principles to a sporting context. Jacky also enjoys the social construction element to leadership.

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